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About Filtek Filtration

Filtek India Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 Company was established in May 2004 to provide high quality and cost effective filtration solutions for the global marketplace. Filtek Filtration one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Centrifuge Oil Filter & Cleaner System, Hydraulic Filtration Skids, Portable Oil Filtration Skids, FilterMag, Filter Minder, Bilgekleen, Diesel Conditioning System.

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Our Products

Centrifugal Oil Cleaners

All diesel engines have a primary lube oil filter that is installed between the engine oil pump and the engine components.

HF Hydraulic Filtration Skid

The importance of Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness cannot be emphasised enough and is vital for the continuous  running of all machinery equipment utilising hydraulic oil.

Portable Oil Filtration Skids

Filtek CK600 series oil purification skids are ideally suited for applications requiring efficient contamination removal to sub-micron level.

Centrifugal Purifier

Centrifugal Oil Purifier to remove all solid impurities and water from light diesel oils (LDO), diesel, heavy fuel oils (HDO), and mineral oils.

Compressor Spares

We take this opportunity to introduce HVAC Compressor Spares export to Europe / USA / Far East / Middle East countries.

Oil Water Separators

Filtek has introduced a BilgeKleen, an oily water treatment Unit to separate oil from water and transfer the clear water back to the tank. 


FILTERMAG IS completely reusable with a 5 year warranty. Fits metal canisters from 2.5 to 5.5 inch diameter.





Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • We installed the first centrifugal about six weeks ago and found good performance after one week in operation. Thanks for the concern of your product, we appreciate your business.

    Mark Moss
    Facilities Manager
    DFS Saipan Limited
  • Your company has provided excellent sales and service support and we are pleased to recommend your products to any customer who is interested to protect his marine generators.

    Tech. Manager
    Simatech Shipping LLC
  • The performance of the filtering unit is very good. It is in regular use and we find it very user-friendly 

    Capt Ravi Fernandes
    Fareast Shipmanagement Hongkong Ltd
  • Centrifuge is capable of removing a wide range of particles from Quenching oil, Neat cutting oil, Soluble coolant & Engine testing. Centrifuge allows to extend the sump life of coolant and has a direct impact on the tool life.

    Sanjeev Pradhan
  • The Filtek Centrifuge is a viable substitute for paper band filter on Grinding and Honing Machine. It has been successfully tried out on Metaquench 12, 80W90 Gear Oil, ATF Gearbox Oil, Kerosene, Enklo 68, Spintek 12 and Honing Oils.

    K N Deshpande
    DM (Auto)
    Tata Motors Ltd-Pune
  • Centrifuge installed on DG Sets enables use of oil for 750 hours as against the earlier oil change required previously of 250 hours.

    Directors Report 1996
    Kinetic Honda Motors Ltd