The Filtek Centrifugal Oil Cleaner model CK600 is a self contained skid powered by an 110 LPM pump+motor to clean the coolant of Aluminum / Copper wire drawing machines and is extremely effective in removing the fine metal dust particle contamination from the wire drawing coolant which cannot be removed by conventional paper band filters. During the wire drawing process, when Copper/Aluminum rod is drawn through the dies, fine metal dust particles get into the coolant causing a progressive build-up of the coolant viscosity.  Increase in coolant viscosity affects heat transfer adversely resulting in heating of die and frequent wire breakage. The life of expensive dies reduces due to inadequate cooling. The presence of fine metal dust particles causes abrasive wear. The Filtek Centrifuge is capable of removing these tiny particles to maintain the viscosity of the coolant and have effective heat transfer reducing the number of wire breakages, The Centrifuge being a cleanable unit has no consumable parts and replaces the conventional and inefficient paper band filter. The inlet to the centrifuge is taken from the oil tank and the oil is drained back to the tank under gravity.

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  • Increased coolant life

  • Increased life of expensive dies

  • Elimination of ineffective paper band filtration

  • Reduced wire breakages

  • Enhanced metal recovery from the coolant

  • Overall improved productivity

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