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HF series hydraulic filtration skid

FILTEK HF Series Filtration Skid are efficent in keeping the oil within the engine/equipment continually clean. Removal of ferrous particles and traces of water / moisture is an added feature.

Removes 100% solid contaminants.

Removes water and ferrous particles

  • Safety eliminate oil drain.
  • Reduced frictional wear.
  • Reduced new oil purchases up to 90%.
  • Reduced oil related maintenance cost.
  • Improved oil circulation.
  • Reduced equipment downtime.
  • Decreased sludge and varnish deposits.
  • Cooler running engines / equipment.
  • Increased engine efficiency.
  • Payback typically in less than one year.
  • Oil disposal problems eliminated.
  • Controlled oil viscosity.
  • Increased life of Gear Box Oil
  • Increased life of Lube Pump
  • No consumable costs

How it works:

The contaminated oil enters a magnetic conditioner to remove ferrous particles. The oil is pumped through a metering jet to the tightly compressed cellulose fiber filter element, where all solids down to 1 micron, below are captured, while neutralizing acids and sulphur compounds. The filtered oil then enters the heated evaporation chamber, where water particles are evaporated and vented out. The clean oil is then gravity fed back to the tank.

Model Specifications:

Model Number HF 40 HF 60 HF 240
Flow rate 5 LPM 5 LPM 5 LPM
NAS Level <=7 <=7 <=7
Evaporation Chamber No Yes Yes
Height 500 600 1150
Weight 390 390 380
Depth 500 500 430
Motor Specifications 110VAC / 220VAC / 440VAC, 50/60 HZ, Single / Three Phase
Total System Weight 17kg. 48kg. 70kg.