Centrifuge Cement Mill Applications

Centrifugal Oil Cleaners used in Cement mill applications

The Filtek Centrifugal Oil Cleaner model CK600 is a self contained skid powered by an 80 LPM pump+motor to clean the gear box oils of cement mills and is extremely effective in removing the cement dust contamination, wear metals and ingressed dust particles ranging between 1 micron and 5 microns. The Centrifuge being a cleanable unit has no consumable parts.

The inlet to the centrifuge is taken from the oil tank and the oil is drained back to the tank through the side door fitted with the filtek Centrifuge.

  • Cold Mill / Raw Mill gear boxes
  • Generators for lube oil purification
  • Dump Trucks for Lube oil purification
  • Increased life of Gear Box Oil
  • Increased life of Lube Pump
  • No consumable costs