• Centrifugal
    Oil Cleaners
    Over 40 engine builders use centrifuge technology as
    OE fitment on their engines
  • Hydraulic
    Filtration Skids
    Our Hydraulic filtration skids are capable of
    removing moisture as well as ferrous and non-ferrous
    contamination to maintain oil cleanliness to NAS 7 & below.
  • Industrial&
    other applications
  • Global Presence
    Providing fuel filtration solutions.


Environment awareness is growing worldwide. The safe and efficient disposal of waste is the need of the hour. Disposal of used filter elements is considered toxic waste in many countries. Filtek Centrifuges are cleanable, have no replacement parts and are fitted in place of existing paper element bypass filters thereby contributing positively to the environment. It has been proved that carbon soot destroys the additive package of lube oils. Removal of soot from oil will increase the additive package life thereby extending oil drain intervals in engine. Filtek Centrifuges contribute to conserving the Earth's limited oil reserves.